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Hello All

We wanted to take a moment and update you on new happenings. We just recently got the new site up and running, so check us out here…

And for musings, ramblings, and other ruminations on all things metal and word, free to hang out here and read away!

As always, thank you all for your continued support!

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Bader Art Metal & Fabrication…Nationwide

Howdy All

Well many of you have been asking what I’ve been up to lately, since I haven’t had occasion to attend your soirée’s, shindigs, bashes, and Saturday night jamborees and hootenannies. While I’m remiss for having missed a few get-togethers, I’ve been pleasantly inundated, elbows deep in tons of angle iron…literally,

Seems as though we were fortunate enough to ink a deal with a major retailer to build quite a number of dashing little wall pieces. So, 5200 lbs of steel later, we have what you see below.

Well, it was more than just a little steel…add in about 50 lbs of welding wire, gallons of patina and clear coat, hundreds of sanding disks and burnishing pads, numerous saw blades and drill bits, and of course the requisite blood, sweat and tears.

So check ‘em out and let us know what you think. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself, just click here and send your mouse to clickin’

Very special thanks to Dianne, Fritz and Karin. Without them, this project simply would not have been possible!

Cheers All!

Photos courtesy of

Copyright Bader Art Metal & Fabrication 2013

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Steel Bricks

Bader Art Metal & Fabrication was recently approached by a designer to fabricate a focal piece for a penthouse in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood. It was an interesting project to say the least.

What at first glance appears to be a relatively straightforward design, drawing influence from common Asian architectural themes, is actually fairly intricate, employing five different sizes of tubing and random spacing. With almost 300 separate welds, each individually ground, blended and sanded, and twenty-eight perpendicular blocking pieces, this was quite the meticulous job.

Anyone who fabricates knows just how difficult it is to seamlessly blend all of these divergent sizes and elements, but we were up to the task. And while I employed the lightest, yet strongest tubing, to say the piece is robust would be an understatement. This isn’t a railing, it’s a wall…an Asian brick wall of steel.

so just remember…
when real bricks won’t do
‘cuz you need to see through
let us build a steel lattice for you

Cheers, All

of note: photos were taken during construction phase so the surroundings and final install details were not entirely complete and polished

Bader Art Metal & Fabrication
Copyright 2013

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Bad Axes

I recently had the pleasure again of collaborating with yet another talented artist. My old friend Teresa Magana of Vida Y Alma recently called me up with an interesting project.

Teresa is a skilled painter with a striking style, drawing much of her inspiration from the Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration. I’ve admired her work for some time, so when she contacted me for this project, I enthusiastically accepted.

Teresa had been approached by a gentleman with a unique job. He had two blank canvasses he needed painted and required mounts fabricated from metal. A simple task, you say. Well…not exactly, as the canvasses were a full length axe and an accompanying hatchet. And the mounts, well they were more like devil’s horns sculpted from steel.

The mounts are comprised of hand hammered steel bar and plate, torch heated to a scalded orange, then forged with a few hundred choice blows of my ball peen hammer. The pieces turned out positively evil good, and this collaboration was a blast. See for yourself in the pics below.

And if you’re ever in need of a skilled artist with a deft hand and mad skills with a brush, look no further than Teresa.  You can find her work at


Copyright 2013
Austin Bader

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Eddy Sun

I’ve come to know that inspiration abounds all about us in this glorious world we live in.  All it takes is an open mind and bright open eyes to tap into that natural sense of wonderment we are all born with.  I find inspiration everywhere.  And such was the case while walking about the hardware store just a little while back.

I enjoy the electrical section of stores such as these.  There’s palpable electricity in the air… Oh, bad pun indeed, but really, how can one not be smitten like a child under the magical glow of a multitude of lamps, fixtures and bulbs?

Amidst the brilliant light radiating about the space, I came upon reproduction Thomas Edison style filament bulbs.  I knew I just had to have them.  So I purchased several and made my way back to my shop.

For days on end I ruminated about the piece, playing with shapes and forms, manipulating materials and sculpting ideas until I found the perfect elements to combine.  I chose 19th Century cast iron decorative panels in a rare “raindrop” pattern, carefully cut them to size, then laboriously cleaned, buffed, polished and clear coated them with a deep gloss finish.

A custom welded steel surround was fabricated, finish ground, hand filed and sanded, then patinaed to match, and clear coated in a lustrous satin.  As the pieces started to come together, it became apparent that ordinary chain, cable or wires simply would not do as hanging support for the piece.  So I located rayon wrapped lamp cord, then braided it with 1/16th inch steel cable that was patinaed to match the piece.

It all came to light just in time to be featured in the 8th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show, one of Chicago’s premier design events, and the fixture is truly one of a kind. The photos don’t do it justice, as it positively shimmers even when the lamps are not lit.

It’s always fulfilling to take an inspiration and build upon it, turning thoughts into tangible, glorious reality.  Thomas Edison’s simple, efficient design from over a hundred years ago provided me with that very inspiration.  Behold, The Eddy Sun lamp.



Austin Bader Copyright 2012

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Bridge Building

Some time ago I was introduced to a vibrant and talented architect by the name of Jaime Bellalta.  We traded ideas, shared our passions and discussed the possibility of working with one another.

So when he contacted me recently, I was excited to hear what was brewing in his studio.  Jaime had a job with a unique set of parameters.  He needed me to help him finish a bridge…or rather create a device to bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional.

You see, Jaime and his lovely wife Karin own a gorgeous, historic, octagonal front bungalow.  Constructed in the 1930’s, it glows with a full compliment of leaded glass windows, rich woodwork and limestone corbels, lintels and accents carefully carved into robust Chicago brick.

But as is common in architecture, what worked at one point in time, ceases to continue to in today’s world.  And as such, Jaime had gone about designing a new space within the grande old belle they owned.  The result was nothing short of inspiring and all of the spaces flowed beautifully, yet one of them lacked a vital component…a railing.

We set about designing a piece that would bring together divergent elements, create a cohesive space, and bridge the gap between architectural periods.  Over the course of several weeks, we bounced ideas off of one another and ultimately came up with the design in the photos below.  From there, it was simply a matter of me trouble shooting, problem solving, working out the details of the build and installation…and of course the actual fabricating, finishing and installation of the piece.

The result was almost better than either of us could have imagined, and the space is positively enchanting.  I always enthusiastically embrace the opportunity of collaborating with other creative souls, and this venture was extremely satisfying.

So if you require metal embellishments for your home or business, it’s obvious where to go.  And should you find yourself in need of a capable, forward thinking designer and architect, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to put you in contact with Jaime.

Cheers All,


One last note…the final piece incorporates sleek wooden handrails and newel post inserts which had yet to be installed at the time the photographs were taken.  As soon as these jewels are attached, I’ll update the pics.

Austin F Bader Copyright 2013

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Proud Summers Moon

It’s been a year of collaborations for me…delightful, insightful, inspiring collaborations. the following piece is one of the poetic variety, as I recently came together with a talented artist by the name of Karin Zink. Enjoy…

  Proud Summers Moon

 sippin sugar moonshine
from a mason jar
under a blue moon
the clouds above
an undulating backwater pool
steady rolling through the ashen night

and mine are a playful shroud
a negligee dancing
a trance of chiffon shapes melting, swelling
its silken breath circling a proud summers moon

gazing alone at the same sight
our souls aloft yet apart
together swindle the night sky
pocket the delicious morsels
she so graciously provides

treasures to indulge in
that we hide glinting ‘tween greedy fingers
morsels of fantasy
tokens of memory
slivers that must suffice
until next we meet

our slivers
a feast of a bounty for others
who even if given their druthers
wouldn’t have the faintest of clues
of what to do
with that which lay shimmering
in their ruddy hands

and so we sneak smiles
beguiling one another
with these opulent secrets
a clandestine tongue
we speak to our pillows
how we laugh at the masses
whose fragile minds reel
as we continue to plunder
to swindle
to steal

and I care not
for those still reeling
for I can no longer afford
to show them feeling
teach them meaning
when all one must do
is simply see the world anew
as my delightful muse and I do
taking in the shadowy glory
of a shrouded silver moon in lace
breathing life all about faces
still wrapped in wonderment

and so rapt in these raptures
we tread the rarest of pastures
capturing the beauty
of the faintest of pleasures
the days here are lazy
where time knows no measure
and you and your Daisy
grin at each new adventure

yet we’ve just begun to explore
the indulgent forevermore
imploring one another
to raise feet from floor
to hover rise and discover
the very beauty that bursts forth
from the juicy filthy core

for we’ve come to learn each other well
have seen just how we parallel
how we think
how we play
how our bodies fall in place

and still I wonder
as I lay
as I gaze
as I strain to read your face
you show me mirrors
you show me mirrors
where was I before I was here

you were there Luv
under that milky midnight glow
before a million tomorrows
came knocking
upon your door

Copyright Austin Bader, Karin Zink 2012

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Urban Zebra

Breaking news just in…there have been numerous sightings of the rare Urban Zebra.  This attractive creature was first spotted taking shape in the studios of Bader Art Metal. 

Standing on just two legs of one inch by two inch, .065 wall, rectangular tubing, the Urban Zebra’s haunches are distinguished by a brushed metal finish and seamless TIG welded joints.

The second encounter was reported at Mark Cwik Studio Furniture, where it’s been confirmed that the backbone of this taught and elegant animal, a lovely slab of zebrawood, was painstakingly mitered, assembled, and finished to exacting tolerances.

Sightings are rare and as such, capturing this elusive creature on film can be most trying.  Luckily we were able to obtain photos before it returned to its native habitat in an equally stunning home.

Be on the lookout for the Urban Zebra.  Should you come into contact with it, you’ll undoubtedly be one of the lucky few able to share details of such a unique encounter in home decor.

Austin Bader
Copyright 2012

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Welcome Truckers!

Here’s a big ‘ol “ten-four good buddy” to y’all.
Thanks for joining us at this year’s Guerrilla Truck Show!

First off, I want to give a special shout out to all my fellow truckers, all of our gracious sponsors, my beautiful family and friends, my co-driver Mark Cwik with the pedal to the metal, the man behind it all, Morlen Sinoway, and to all you delightful attendees.  Cuz after all, without you this crazy little shindig wouldn’t be possible.

So you’re probably taking a peek here and wondering, who is this guy, and what’s this Bader Art Metal thing all about?  If you were expecting a posh page, I hate to disappoint, for I rarely if ever do, but I’ve got that in the works.  Hell, I didn’t even decide to do the show this year ‘til the evening before the submission deadline.  Nothing like planning ahead, no?

Who I am, is what I do…and you got a nice little look at one aspect of that tonight.  I fabricate magnificent things from metals new and old, and view myself as somewhat of an alchemist…transforming base metals into gold…the kind of gold only passion and enthusiasm can induce.

A few examples of this can be viewed here by clicking on any of the “metal” categories to the right.  This is only a small cross section of that which I’ve done, and what I am capable of.  If you have a vision, I can bring it to life.  If you haven’t, that’s alright, I’ll gladly show you mine.

It’s my pleasure to share this world with you all.  Welcome to my piece of it.  You may stay for as long as you like, and I invite you to become a greater part of it.


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Emerald Iron

Strolling about my home the other day, I noticed where the color palette was lacking a bit of that vibrant spring tone.  So I decided to mix in a little green amongst the azure and crimson hues, the yellows and stone grays too.  

Upon returning from my neighborhood greenhouse, lush with verdant aisles of burgeoning flora, I quickly came to realize that I hadn’t a proper vessel in which to display my budding new blossoms.  So I adjourned to the shop and dug through some scraps of hot rolled steel to see what might catch my gaze. 

Staring up at me from the concrete floor was a mess of old 16 gauge sheet steel that had begun life as the inner liner of a massive conference table base.  I had previously lanced it with a plasma torch into the more manageable pieces there before me.

After a number of cuts on the bandsaw, some crafty bending on an improvised metal brake, and about 15 foot’s worth of precise MIG welding, the piece began to take shape.  From there it was just a matter of spending the requisite hours grinding, sanding and finishing to bring out the true lustre.

And although the piece is resplendent in its natural chrome silver tones, it is in fact as green as the blooms situated within it.  For metals are the most recycled natural resource in the world.  They’re magical like that…

Happy Earth Day every day
Hope you dig this double green thing of mine

Austin Bader
Copyright 2012

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