Early 19th Century Chinese Elm “Peony Cabinet” base

Bader Art Metal was recently commissioned to build a custom steel base for a gorgeous, hand carved Northern Chinese Elm cabinet from the early 1800′s.  It was a tricky undertaking, as the aim was to embellish the piece while keeping the stand as unobtrusive as possible.  

I think we pulled it off, utilizing such deft treatments as inverted angle iron tucked up into the base of the cabinet, leaving only a scant, recessed, one eighth inch of exposed flat stock.  You see, it’s not what’s seen.  It’s what’s unseen, that beckons a second look.

You’re more than welcome to check it out in person at the Pagoda Red gallery in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood.   http://www.pagodared.com/   At almost five feet wide and six feet tall, the piece is nothing short of dramatic. 

And while you’re there, say hello to Betsy, Michael and Eric.  They’re fantastic people to work with.  Enjoy the photos y’all.

Austin Bader

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