Have a Ball

This residential railing was a ball…well actually, eighteen of them.  Although I prefer to call them spheres.  But spheriously folks, let me tell you about the job itself.

This client came to me with a very unique design that incorporated both modern and classic elements.  The handrail molding is inch and fifteen sixteenths, and is seamlessly blended with one inch “C” channel, drilled for custom handmade spindles, then plug welded, ground and sanded flush.

The most difficult facet of the build (besides all of the other obviously difficult parts) was joining the carbon steel handrails with the various cast iron pieces that comprise the “basket” sections at the bottom. 

Anyone who knows a bit about welding knows that cast iron is a finicky beast.  Strong, yet brittle…and joining it with steel is truly an exacting task.  Some say it’s not even possible.  I beg to differ.

We made it happen and the client was more than pleased.  Another job well done by Bader Art Metal.

Austin Bader

Copyright 2011

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