The Step Show


The Step Show

From Vaudeville
and Nowhereville they came
high stepping and dancing
barely escaping that hooked cane

boogie for a dime
strum a tune for a dollar
hollerin for one drink at a time
knowing to prove
what they had to show
knowing their souls
to that they never let go
the originators
of the step show

and the lights shone brighter
with every step they took
reviews and venues grew
second glances
a first look
then radio
then TV
let the whole round world know
about the movers
that were shaking
making their waves
on the mighty step show

and over the years
the rules have all changed
but the game, people
the game remains the same
if you think
you’ve got somewhere to go
well you just let the MC know
that you’re the next to take the stage
and be the rage
on the mighty step show

now mass communications
projects a steady satellite beam
to every corner of the earth
crystal clear
but only sometimes clean
and the man looks down from above
and up from below
places his blessings on those
solid enough to tread the planks
of the mighty step show

so I give it a whirl
a twist and a shake
gonna break it down
bring it back up
and let it all again flow
because you’re in my house
it is time to dance
and may God bless the step show

Austin Bader

Copyright 2011

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