Heads and Hearts

hearts and heads
heads and hearts
play tricks upon your soul
they cry they sing
they seldom agree
on that which shall make you whole

they’ll fool and muse
befuddle and confuse
refuse your dying plea
to settle the score
and live once more
in complete harmony

the head is strong
most all day long
will beckon one to be smart
but when night rolls round
there’s nary a sound
but the song about your heart

you recall the tune
a passionate swoon
with love and ardor regaled
its calls to you
to forever be true
before all ecstasy is assailed

rendered cold and flat
banal and trite
a frantic ploy for release
where two hearts as one
may forever and ever run
where passion shall never cease

but when you awake
its safety you crave
stability balance and poise
in listening to your head
you thus lay to bed
loves symphony
and all its joys

for, stasis
self control
are but elusive tricks of the mind
synonyms for monotony
mundane mediocrity
where inspiration
you’ve no hope to find

yes hearts and heads
heads and hearts
rarely see eye to eye
but the day you break through
embracing the two
forever shall you be alive

yes hearts and heads
heads and hearts
seldom do agree
but the night you find
our hearts entwined
is the night
you shall be set free

Austin F Bader

Copyright 2011

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