Make a Stand!

Sometimes in life you’ve just got to make a stand…
or in the case of this client, dozens and dozens of them.

This customer specializes in fascinating Chinese artifacts, antiques, and contemporary art.  And while the pieces are exquisite, unique and captivating, they do of course require some embellishment from time to time.

So in order to showcase the product and make that which is beautiful even more alluring, they call on Bader Art Metal.  Below are a few examples of some recent pieces.

If any of them pique your interest, by all means stop into one of Pagoda Red’s showrooms, either in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood, or on the North Shore in Winnetka.

And while you’re there, be certain to say hello to Betsy, Michael, Eric and the rest of the gang.  They’re wonderful people to work with. 

Austin Bader
Copyright 2011

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