built a rocketship
for a friend
so she could jettison
to galaxies beyond
in search of life forms
as intelligent as she

ain’t no engineer
but I’ve ridden that train
ain’t no cosmonaut
that’s not something I’d feign
ain’t no astrophysicist
too cerebral for my brain
been known though
to get lost in the stars

it ain’t no science
this rocket building thing
just weld it all together
run what you bring
light that candle
watch it glow
then stand back plenty y’all
that’s all you need to know

and I know there’s no room
in that rocket for me
‘cause I designed that ship
to set only one person free
gonna shoot her into orbit
see what she can see
blast her into orbit
then keep an eye on the stars
from the plush backseat
of my convertible car
high up on that hill
where together
we killed eons of time
now a friend of that devil
is a very close friend of mine
with exquisite taste in wine

she and I toast you
as you orbit round and round
traipse in maddening circles
light years above the ground
we always found you
a trifle too vain
in your amplified attempts
at being profound
now for the life of me
I cannot recall
if I installed the device
that’s gonna set that rocketship
back down

Austin F. Bader
Copyright 2011

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