Home décor ideas

So let me guess, you’re staring at that crusty, air-cooled, VW, flat four lump of a motor you’ve got laying around the house and wondering…how can I better use this to accent the home?

Well just do what I did, take the reciprocating assembly, crankshaft, connecting rods, flywheel, then add some custom bent half-inch conduit, the camshaft sprocket from a mid ‘70’s BMW, some lamp guts new and old…

OK, well this may not be a scenario you’ll ever have reason to contemplate…but it’s one I more than contemplated.  Martha Stewart may not come calling, but this lamp never fails to elicit a response.  Check out the pics.  And thanks again to Big Joe for most of the material and some damn fine design consultation.

Austin Bader
Copyright 2011

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