Crazy Mary

Well here she is…we finally made it to the dance…all slim, slender and shiny.

The piece below I affectionately refer to as Crazy Mary.  Her and I go way back, as I’ve been prototyping this design for some time.  Funny name I know, and it’s a long story for certain, but a story we’ll save for another day.

I will however expound on the specs of this sexy little table.  She stands thirty-three inches tall, thirteen wide, thirteen long.  Those svelte legs of hers are three-quarters by three-quarters, sixteenth of an inch wall, mild steel tubing.

Her topside is a unique amalgam…inch and an eighth, inch and an eighth, eighth inch wall angle iron, that started life as a queen-sized bed frame…then was stripped, sanded clean, and welded into a perfect square.

This box of hers was further fortified with equally slender rebar, topped with eighth inch flat bar in a pattern mimicking the stretcher below, then stuffed full of concrete.  Yeah, she’s solid concrete on top.  Not quite a brick shithouse, but good and thick nonetheless.

And about that stretcher spanning those legs…it too is comprised of eighth inch wall, three-quarter inch flat bar, lovingly sculpted to accentuate and evoke, tying all of her fine elements together.

She shines with the help of some serious lacquer and a ton of hours of grinding, sanding and polishing.  And as much as I’d love to keep her for my own, it’s time to send her out into the world and set her free.

This table can be purchased in its current configuration.  However, there are myriad finishes, sizes and specifications that can be custom tailored based upon this design.  I invite you to contact me to discuss the possibilities.


Austin F. Bader

Copyright 2011

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2 Responses to Crazy Mary

  1. Crazy Mary is quite an elegant masterpiece of metalworking. What a great table! How much would a variation of this design run??

    • OneWordMan says:

      Thanks for the praise. She’s even better looking in person. The piece is offered in several styles, sizes and finishes. The production line will include coffee tables, end tables and console tables in addition to the telephone table you see here. Please touch base with your specs and I’ll put together a quote for you.

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