Let there be light

The patent date reads May, 1893 on the cast iron heating grates I’m holding in front of me, my knuckles bloody, hands filthy, stained by the removal of a hundred plus years of grime and lead based paint.  Yet all I can see are the lives of those who toiled to create these beautiful, beautiful things.

Scattered about my shop are items soon to collaborate…solid steel “C” channel, glistening reflective tin, magnificent slabs of million year old honey onyx.  There are wires, bulbs, a handful of fasteners too.  They will all coalesce to raise these glorious grates to a new level at my behest of my deft hands.

Rather than expound, elaborate, and explain the life given to these pieces, as I’m wont to do, I’ve chosen this time to let the pictures speak their thousands of words.  Now, if only the photos could actually do justice…


Austin F. Bader

Copyright 2011

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2 Responses to Let there be light

  1. Those are excellent. Great work!

    • OneWordMan says:

      Thanks much! They’re really something else in person. Especially with the light on a dimmer where you can modulate all of the varying hues and tones of the honey onyx.

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