Candle power

I’ve always enjoyed the ambiance created by the pulsing glow of a candle, casting its mellow staccato light about a room.  There’s something so base, so elemental and primitive, that one can’t help but be enamored with this seemingly life giving luminous glimmer.

Subscribing to the theory that many are better than one, I decided to harness this radiance and amplify it.

As with many of my pieces, the materials chosen are a unique smattering of items old and new.  The mirror itself was given to me by a friend.  It was wrapped in a grotesque puke-gold frame that was immediately discarded and relinquished to the scrappers, ultimately finding its highest and best use in the roiling bowels of a smelter’s furnace.

Replacing this border piece is a custom angle iron frame, welded from a reclaimed steel bed frame.  Hey, you give some to the scrappers, you take some from the scrappers.  All of life is a cycle…or perhaps better yet, a recycle.

The votive holders originally began their useful life as a single drive chain from a Mid ‘70’s, shaft driven, Honda motorcycle transmission.  The pins linking the chain were severed at the desired length, reassembled, welded and flush ground to create the proper sized hoop.

Steel bases were cut from eighth inch plate and the votive holders welded to them.  This assembly receives the bevel cut half inch square bar, in turn welded to the one inch by eighth inch flat stock that comprises the support arm.

A distressed patina was applied and many of the milling marks from the grinding and sanding process were left in place to complete the piece, with wet burnished black lacquer filling in these scuffs for a rough hewn, yet still elegant finish.

The piece really must be viewed in person, as I’ll not go into the details of attempting to photograph a mirror.  Needless to say, it is a ridiculously difficult task…unless of course you can locate a background that stretches to infinity.

I did my best with the pics and hope you’re capable of focusing on the frame as opposed to just the reflected images…although some of them are striking, especially that last one in the series.


Austin Bader

Copyright 2011

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4 Responses to Candle power

  1. Austin, that mirror is excellent. You have extreme talent and creativity – you’re a true artist with the metalwork that you do. I can’t imagine how much a retail shop would pay you for this. A few grand? Easily.

    #$%^ GREAT STUFF.

  2. Madelyn says:

    Book-marked, I enjoy your site! :)

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