there were no leaves
on the ground
they abound

driven down
from lazy swaying
tendril tips
by that wicked
October noreaster
that cuts
as hard as it whips

so welcome fall
welcome autumn
it’s been so very long
since you have spoken

now tell me
sweet season of decay
did you bring a new romance
a fresh partner
with which to dance
and to play

I believe you have
for I’m gazing
at this raven hair lass
with dancing eyes
waxing transcendental
all the while transfixed
by her smile

a smile so honest
so vivid
so kind
I could only wish to wade
in its warmth
for quite some time

then proceed
nether from there
without care
from the nape of her neck
to the base of her back
on to the hips
back through the mind
and straight to the lips

remaining parked there
its never parched there
forever moist there
playfully pulling and tugging
that thick mane
of lustrous hair

we will share picnics
design mad trysts
envelop one another
in furious passionate
three day fits
we will make
many plans
we shall write
many lists

for as short lived
as autumn may be
she is brilliantly sweet
dying before your very eyes
at your feet
while enraptured vines
entangled in summer’s delight
quietly sigh
in the shadow
of the waning first frost
yet all is not lost

a budding fruit
in the twilight of perennials
hardly the opportune time
for cultivating annuals
as the tiller man
tosses the soil
and toils
sowing the seeds
for winter wheat
a glowing field
of a bed nonetheless
a bed made
for this couple
on which to rest

Austin Bader
Coptright 2011

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