Floating steel

Spring has arrived and my soul is aloft once more…as are the soles of my boots, and the rest of me for that matter, about fifty feet in the air on a Chi-town rooftop.  And while this season is certainly known to set one’s heart alight, it was time to stoke a different fire and make metal magic again.

The client’s goal for this project was twofold.  The first, a utilitarian task, was to construct an object that would prevent roof bound revelers from tumbling perilously through a skylight, and onto the host’s dining room table two full stories below.  The second goal was to make steel float…yes float.  Well, at least the corners.

I believe we achieved both.  See for yourself in the pics below. 

Cheers all

Austin Bader

Copyright 2012

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  1. Floating steel…. I like the sound of that! Your project turned out great.

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