Emerald Iron

Strolling about my home the other day, I noticed where the color palette was lacking a bit of that vibrant spring tone.  So I decided to mix in a little green amongst the azure and crimson hues, the yellows and stone grays too.  

Upon returning from my neighborhood greenhouse, lush with verdant aisles of burgeoning flora, I quickly came to realize that I hadn’t a proper vessel in which to display my budding new blossoms.  So I adjourned to the shop and dug through some scraps of hot rolled steel to see what might catch my gaze. 

Staring up at me from the concrete floor was a mess of old 16 gauge sheet steel that had begun life as the inner liner of a massive conference table base.  I had previously lanced it with a plasma torch into the more manageable pieces there before me.

After a number of cuts on the bandsaw, some crafty bending on an improvised metal brake, and about 15 foot’s worth of precise MIG welding, the piece began to take shape.  From there it was just a matter of spending the requisite hours grinding, sanding and finishing to bring out the true lustre.

And although the piece is resplendent in its natural chrome silver tones, it is in fact as green as the blooms situated within it.  For metals are the most recycled natural resource in the world.  They’re magical like that…

Happy Earth Day every day
Hope you dig this double green thing of mine

Austin Bader
Copyright 2012

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