Welcome Truckers!

Here’s a big ‘ol “ten-four good buddy” to y’all.
Thanks for joining us at this year’s Guerrilla Truck Show!

First off, I want to give a special shout out to all my fellow truckers, all of our gracious sponsors, my beautiful family and friends, my co-driver Mark Cwik with the pedal to the metal, the man behind it all, Morlen Sinoway, and to all you delightful attendees.  Cuz after all, without you this crazy little shindig wouldn’t be possible.

So you’re probably taking a peek here and wondering, who is this guy, and what’s this Bader Art Metal thing all about?  If you were expecting a posh page, I hate to disappoint, for I rarely if ever do, but I’ve got that in the works.  Hell, I didn’t even decide to do the show this year ‘til the evening before the submission deadline.  Nothing like planning ahead, no?

Who I am, is what I do…and you got a nice little look at one aspect of that tonight.  I fabricate magnificent things from metals new and old, and view myself as somewhat of an alchemist…transforming base metals into gold…the kind of gold only passion and enthusiasm can induce.

A few examples of this can be viewed here by clicking on any of the “metal” categories to the right.  This is only a small cross section of that which I’ve done, and what I am capable of.  If you have a vision, I can bring it to life.  If you haven’t, that’s alright, I’ll gladly show you mine.

It’s my pleasure to share this world with you all.  Welcome to my piece of it.  You may stay for as long as you like, and I invite you to become a greater part of it.


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