Proud Summers Moon

It’s been a year of collaborations for me…delightful, insightful, inspiring collaborations. the following piece is one of the poetic variety, as I recently came together with a talented artist by the name of Karin Zink. Enjoy…

  Proud Summers Moon

 sippin sugar moonshine
from a mason jar
under a blue moon
the clouds above
an undulating backwater pool
steady rolling through the ashen night

and mine are a playful shroud
a negligee dancing
a trance of chiffon shapes melting, swelling
its silken breath circling a proud summers moon

gazing alone at the same sight
our souls aloft yet apart
together swindle the night sky
pocket the delicious morsels
she so graciously provides

treasures to indulge in
that we hide glinting ‘tween greedy fingers
morsels of fantasy
tokens of memory
slivers that must suffice
until next we meet

our slivers
a feast of a bounty for others
who even if given their druthers
wouldn’t have the faintest of clues
of what to do
with that which lay shimmering
in their ruddy hands

and so we sneak smiles
beguiling one another
with these opulent secrets
a clandestine tongue
we speak to our pillows
how we laugh at the masses
whose fragile minds reel
as we continue to plunder
to swindle
to steal

and I care not
for those still reeling
for I can no longer afford
to show them feeling
teach them meaning
when all one must do
is simply see the world anew
as my delightful muse and I do
taking in the shadowy glory
of a shrouded silver moon in lace
breathing life all about faces
still wrapped in wonderment

and so rapt in these raptures
we tread the rarest of pastures
capturing the beauty
of the faintest of pleasures
the days here are lazy
where time knows no measure
and you and your Daisy
grin at each new adventure

yet we’ve just begun to explore
the indulgent forevermore
imploring one another
to raise feet from floor
to hover rise and discover
the very beauty that bursts forth
from the juicy filthy core

for we’ve come to learn each other well
have seen just how we parallel
how we think
how we play
how our bodies fall in place

and still I wonder
as I lay
as I gaze
as I strain to read your face
you show me mirrors
you show me mirrors
where was I before I was here

you were there Luv
under that milky midnight glow
before a million tomorrows
came knocking
upon your door

Copyright Austin Bader, Karin Zink 2012

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