Bridge Building

Some time ago I was introduced to a vibrant and talented architect by the name of Jaime Bellalta.  We traded ideas, shared our passions and discussed the possibility of working with one another.

So when he contacted me recently, I was excited to hear what was brewing in his studio.  Jaime had a job with a unique set of parameters.  He needed me to help him finish a bridge…or rather create a device to bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional.

You see, Jaime and his lovely wife Karin own a gorgeous, historic, octagonal front bungalow.  Constructed in the 1930’s, it glows with a full compliment of leaded glass windows, rich woodwork and limestone corbels, lintels and accents carefully carved into robust Chicago brick.

But as is common in architecture, what worked at one point in time, ceases to continue to in today’s world.  And as such, Jaime had gone about designing a new space within the grande old belle they owned.  The result was nothing short of inspiring and all of the spaces flowed beautifully, yet one of them lacked a vital component…a railing.

We set about designing a piece that would bring together divergent elements, create a cohesive space, and bridge the gap between architectural periods.  Over the course of several weeks, we bounced ideas off of one another and ultimately came up with the design in the photos below.  From there, it was simply a matter of me trouble shooting, problem solving, working out the details of the build and installation…and of course the actual fabricating, finishing and installation of the piece.

The result was almost better than either of us could have imagined, and the space is positively enchanting.  I always enthusiastically embrace the opportunity of collaborating with other creative souls, and this venture was extremely satisfying.

So if you require metal embellishments for your home or business, it’s obvious where to go.  And should you find yourself in need of a capable, forward thinking designer and architect, contact me and I’ll be more than happy to put you in contact with Jaime.

Cheers All,


One last note…the final piece incorporates sleek wooden handrails and newel post inserts which had yet to be installed at the time the photographs were taken.  As soon as these jewels are attached, I’ll update the pics.

Austin F Bader Copyright 2013

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