Steel Bricks

Bader Art Metal & Fabrication was recently approached by a designer to fabricate a focal piece for a penthouse in Chicago’s historic Old Town neighborhood. It was an interesting project to say the least.

What at first glance appears to be a relatively straightforward design, drawing influence from common Asian architectural themes, is actually fairly intricate, employing five different sizes of tubing and random spacing. With almost 300 separate welds, each individually ground, blended and sanded, and twenty-eight perpendicular blocking pieces, this was quite the meticulous job.

Anyone who fabricates knows just how difficult it is to seamlessly blend all of these divergent sizes and elements, but we were up to the task. And while I employed the lightest, yet strongest tubing, to say the piece is robust would be an understatement. This isn’t a railing, it’s a wall…an Asian brick wall of steel.

so just remember…
when real bricks won’t do
‘cuz you need to see through
let us build a steel lattice for you

Cheers, All

of note: photos were taken during construction phase so the surroundings and final install details were not entirely complete and polished

Bader Art Metal & Fabrication
Copyright 2013

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