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Howdy All

Well many of you have been asking what I’ve been up to lately, since I haven’t had occasion to attend your soirée’s, shindigs, bashes, and Saturday night jamborees and hootenannies. While I’m remiss for having missed a few get-togethers, I’ve been pleasantly inundated, elbows deep in tons of angle iron…literally,

Seems as though we were fortunate enough to ink a deal with a major retailer to build quite a number of dashing little wall pieces. So, 5200 lbs of steel later, we have what you see below.

Well, it was more than just a little steel…add in about 50 lbs of welding wire, gallons of patina and clear coat, hundreds of sanding disks and burnishing pads, numerous saw blades and drill bits, and of course the requisite blood, sweat and tears.

So check ‘em out and let us know what you think. If you’d like to purchase one for yourself, just click here and send your mouse to clickin’

Very special thanks to Dianne, Fritz and Karin. Without them, this project simply would not have been possible!

Cheers All!

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